Einzeltraining •Private session • プライベートセッション 60min

Das Einzeltraining findet in der Senefelder Str. 10 in der Arztpraxis Fr. Dr. Martina Igel statt.
Preis: 1h/60,-€ :30min/30,-€
Online session:1h/60,-€   :30min/30,-€

Private sessions are personally customized to meet indivisual needs.We will develope a workout program specific to your body and your goals,selecting the excercises that will benefit you the most.
Private sessions are ideal for a person with injuries or pains,Pre-Post natal mamas and more advanced clients looking to improve their form.

Gruppenkurse • Group lesson •グループレッスン 

Zoom Online Kurs :45min Drop in:18,-€, 10er Karte(10times,10回card)/150,-€
*Dienstag/Tuesday/火曜日 12:00(Japanisch/日本語)
*Mittwoch/Wednesday/水曜日 17:30(English)
*Samstag/Saturday/土曜日 9:00am(English)
*Sonntag/Sunday/日曜日 11:00(JP /日本語/English )
★Group courses are only available Online at the moment.

Mittwoch/Wednesday 18:00-19:00
Donnerstag /Thursday 10.30 Uhr (Pilates für Mütter und Babies)
Freitag/Friday             16:30-17:30
Samstag/Saturday       10:00-11:00

All levels

Das Gruppentraining findet in derStubbenkammerstraße 8 in 10437 Berlin in der Theravita Berlin

Preis:1er/ 21,-€ 5er-Karte/100,-€ 10er/180,-€